The school is functioning in three elegant and modern four storied buildings and provides necessary accommodation for housing Classes from Pre-KG to Class XII with six fully equipped and adequately furnished laboratories and a library in accordance with the latest regulations and adequate space for Games & Sports and co-curricular activities . The second Building to house the Primary classes was constructed with Open Air and Indoor Auditorium in the year 2003 - 04. A new Temple was consecrated in the School Campus. An additional Computer Laboratory facility has also been extended to the Primary children in the new building.

The Computer Labs are much sought after labs in our school, as they are the knowledge concentrators. Internet serving as the open-ended sharing of knowledge, children unleash their creativity and expression. The power packed software packages moulds our students to be programmers, movie makers, journalists, designers and what not. The labs have opened up a world of new-age knowledge for students to benefit.

Digital Smart Library

Musty, carpeted room with outdated technology, no longer….Sindhi Model Library now poised to become all-in-one space for learning, consuming, sharing, creating, and experiencing - to the extent that enormous banks of data will allow students to "check out" brand-new realities,whether that's scaling Mt.Everest or reading Robert Frost. Libraries are cathedrals of the mind;hospitals of the soul;theme parks of the imagination.The deep passion and desire to make a difference in the lives of children continues.This all new Library is the brain child of our management to nurture children with Indian values ensuring academic excellence with holistic development. The categories range from animal books, fairytales, puranas, activity books, history, exam titles and teaching aids to even some teachers' resource books, apart from your usual fiction The place also has a theatre-like space where storytelling session and puppet shows are to take place in the future.These along with film screenings which are also on the cards are sure to make the idea of reading books and going to a library an extremely pleasurable one indeed.

"Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas." — Albert Einstein . Problem solving and decision making abilities empowers man. Math is just not all about numbers, but the inherent logical relationships that exists. Understanding the foray of math applications in today’s technology filled world, the activities conducted in our labs aims at honing the logical and reasoning abilities of a student. The intricate and tailor made activities quells the arithmophobia (fear of numbers) in students and makes “Maths learning Fun”.

Robotics is yet another pet project as we feel that tender minds must be stimulated and engaged in latest technology so that they have a strong knowledge base for all round personality development .

Children will learn the fundamentals of designing and building robots with the LEGO Education WeDo Construction Set. They will build LEGO models with working motors and sensors, use software to program their models, work with simple machines, gears and transmission of motion. Children will also explore a series of cross - curricular, theme-based activities while developing their ICT, communication and collaboration skills.

Apollo SHINE Foundation is a School Health initiative that envisions schools and colleges for health fitness.

This program also focuses to create awareness about common health problems at an early age, and also to enable students to be completely equipped to handle all sorts of medical/healthcare situations that might arise in the course of their life. A well equipped first aid room, manned by a trained Apollo Hospitals’ nurse / paramedic will be stationed at the institution. An Annual Health Screen is conducted for all students, teachers and non-teaching staff. Health advisory information and talks by Apollo specialists will be organized by trained professionals from Apollo Hospitals.


Sindhi Group of Schools